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A poster with a green background and the title 'Who are Social Model Women+. Below are 6 women reflected on both sides. The women are animated and have different skin tones, hair colour, body shapes.

Who Are We?

We're women who have faced barriers in our lives. Women+ experience barriers in society at almost every turn and we're here to use our lived experience, to help remove those barriers for future generations - and help you live independently and authentically. 


Social Model Women+ is for you if you've experienced any kind of social barriers. You could be:

  • Disabled 

  • Trans

  • Survived abuse 

  • Lived through trauma 

  • Experienced racism

  • Spent your life as a woman to realise you're non binary

  • Had mental illness

  • Come out as not straight 

  • Become a mother 

  • Struggled to get diagnosed 

  • Experienced sexism 

  • Been bullied

    The list goes on...

We use the Social Model of Disability to address social barriers and support women+ to unlearn, grow and empower each other. User-led research, campaigns, a members area and a Podcast - there is something for everyone at SMW. 


Visit our campaign page, sign up to Patreon, join the mailing list or take our surveys!


Coming soon!

Social Model Women+ 

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Online Resource Centre, campaign hub and support network for Women+

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