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Our background is in Disability Rights and as such, we've campaigned the government for change on policy and decisions that affect disabled people. 

We believe that user-led campaigns are the most effective. We know campaigning takes time, and relies on a lot of repetition to MPs, Councillors, Comissioners, and Higher Government. 

Campaigns also have the biggest impact when the public are behind them. 

With that in mind; we have a few ideas for launching campaigns, but we wouldn't be truly user-led if we didn't ask you what matters to you. In order to help shape our campaign strategy, we're asking you to take part in research so we can ensure we're campaigning for the change YOU want to see. 



Taking our surveys helps shape the direction we go in as an organisation and what we focus on for the year ahead. 

We will survey annually, and focus on one campaign per year. 

Click the link to take the survey, and remember to sign up to the mailing list so you will be notified every time we post a campaign update!

Want to
start campaigning on your own?

Your local MPs are elected government officials and they have a duty to hear the views of their constituents. 

Why not write to them and express your concerns? You can use this template to get your started

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