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'You sound like you have the same inner monologue as me...'

A podcast has always been on the cards for SMW - and I'm glad to say we're closer than ever! I'd like to introduce you to Rosie Shenton, newly appointed as Podcast Co-Host. I first had the idea to do a Podcast when Hetal (SMW Co-Founder) and I were chatting on Zoom one night pre SMW - I realised that we touched on so many topics of what it is to be a woman today. We talked about how we follow various people across social media and we'd love to find out more about various view points, learn and unlearn - and we imagined how many other people felt the same way as us, even if their experiences were different. After a few months of work on SMW, Hetal decided she preferred the behind the scenes work and I continued on socials and being 'the face'. This left me with the decision of whether to do the Podcast alone and just work with guests, or whether I should look for someone else to join SMW. With SMW being so new - I wasn't sure how to find the right person, but I knew I needed someone to bounce off and who shared my vision.

I put a post out on social media and I had a few responses. I was pleasantly surprised - given how we are not well established just yet. I felt a twinge of pride as I thought - other people are interested in this, 'you're doing the right thing' flowing through my head as I read through the applications. Rosie's application felt different from the beginning. Rosie has followed me on social media for a little while - before I set up SMW. Rosie actually followed my personal page after I'd posted in one of Florence Given's 'make friends in the comments' posts (if you've not seen these, definitely check them out on Instagram...such a great way to share your platform and meet like minded people'.

I post daily polls on my personal page and Rosie interacts with them - and is kind enough to pretend she doesn't mind that my stories are almost solely based around my love of my cat.

Rosie then followed my SMW page when it was set up and saw the role advertised there. Rosie asked if we could have a call to discuss the role after she sent in her application - which led to a Teams meeting. We talked about our experiences, I shared my vision for SMW and we discussed timelines and ideas for the Podcast.

Another pinch me moment, when Rosie told me about her experiences and ended it with a 'I think I could learn from you' - I had listened to Rosie tell me about herself and I was thinking the entire time 'I will learn so much from you'!

I knew during our first meeting that Rosie was the right person to join SMW. I can already tell when she and I exchange messages that she has the same enthusiasm for the Social Model and where I want to go with SMW in the future.

I will let Rosie tell you about herself when the time comes - but I think you'll enjoy getting to know Rosie as much as I have and I cannot wait to show you what we create together. Podcast coming

Autumn/Winter 2021

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