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Privacy Policy

In accordance with GDPR, Social Model Women+ are compliant and handle data responsibly. 
We only use GDPR compliant software to host our website, and store any data that you have provided us in order for us to provide you with a service. 

You have the right to request what data of yours we are holding and why. To do this you should write to us at with the subject header 'Data Request'. We will ask you to confirm your identity before sending you any information. 

We keep data that we're not using for 1 year before removing it from our system. We store data that we are using, for example, your email address if you've given it to us, for as long as you request the service from us, and one year after that (unless you request the right to be forgotten). The reason for us retaining any data that we're not using is to ensure we can fulfil data requests. 


We mostly use non identifiable data to make changes to our site and carry out research. 

We do not sell any data to any third parties. 

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